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      Our product
    Welded Wire Mesh
    Welded wire mesh is made of selected quality iron wires through high-precision processing. The end product is level and flat, sturdy structure, and even strength throughout, which is widely used in industry, farming,

    Hexagonal Wire mesh
    Hexagonal wire netting: Material:low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire etc.Weaving Patterns: Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist.Process: Galvanized after weaving or galvanized before weaving.Finish: Electric galvanizing, hot-dip zinc plating.
    Chain Link Fence
    Chain link fence is also known as diamond wire mesh and rhombus wire mesh. Made of quality low steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire and PVC wire.
    Chain link fence comes in a wire range of qualities, colours , sizes and types.

    Expanded metal mesh
    Weaving and Characteristic: Can be woven into diamond,square,round and triangle in terms of hole. Excellent quality in abrosion resistance,intensity and artistically designed appearance.
    Welded wire mesh panel /Ribbed mesh /Reinforcing mesh
    Assortments: Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panel,Electro galvanized welded wire mesh panel, Hot Dipped Galvanized?welded mesh?panel, PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh?panel, Stainless steel welded wire mesh panel
    Fence Netting
    Material:Low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire
    Characteristic: With refined design, lower prices, convenient installation, this kind of item is very favorable for the users. Using high quality steel as raw material,.
    Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) produces Stainless Steel Wire Mesh from first class stainless steel wire. good in quanlity and reasonable in price. Material : 316L ,316, 304HC ,304L ect. Mesh: form 60 to 600Typical Weaving Patterns for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:

    Window Screening
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) is a specific manufacture and exporter of window screen,galvanized iron window screen,enamelled iron window screen,stainless steel window screen,
    Aluminium coated iron window screen,plastic wire window screen,fiberglass window screen,and pvc coated window screen.
    Galvanized square wire mesh
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) is a specific manufacture of Square Wire Mesh:Galvanized Iron Square Wire Mesh,Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh,which widely used in industries and constructions to sieve grain powder,filter liquid and gas
    Crimped Wire Mesh
    SANXING WIRE MESH FACTORY is the manufacture of Crimped Wire Mesh : Steel wire crimped mesh, low carbon steel wire crimped mesh, high-carbon steel wire crimped mesh, medium carbon steel wire crimped mesh, strand crimped mesh, wire cloth compatriots.
    Razor Barbed Wire
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) produces Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire in IOWA type, with 2 strands, 4 points. Barbs' distance 3-6 inches ( Tolerance +- 1/2" ). Useage :Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire offered by us is suitable for industry

    Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire
    Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire Anping SanXing Wiremesh Factory produces Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire in IOWA type, with 2 strands, 4 points. Barbs' distance 3-6 inches ( Tolerance +- 1/2" ).
    Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire offered by us is suitable for industry..
    Plastic Netting sun shade netting
    Fiberglass mesh
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) is a professional manufacturer of Fiberglass Mesh. Fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis mesh, and then coated by alkaline resistant latex. It has fine alkaline-resistant, high strength, etc.
    Fiberglass plain woven wire netting\Invisible wire netting
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) is a professional manufacturer of Fiberglass Plain Woven Wire Netting. Fiberglass Plain Woven Wire Netting, also called Invisible wire netting,.
    Plastic Netting
    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD) is professional manufacturer and exporter in plastic netting fieldThe plastic netting is processed and made of polyethylene and polypropylene. It have the performances of wear-resisting.
    sun shade netting
    Shade netting in plastic mesh is used against sun's harmful rays.
    Materials: 100 High Density Polyethylene with U.V. stabilized.
    How Shade Netting Functions Against Sun: Shade netting is fabricated from high grade extra heavy plastic mesh cloth specially designed to breathe .
    View more

    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD)was established in 1990, which is a professional manufacturer of welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh panel, hexagonal wire mesh, chain link fence, crimped wire mesh,stainless steel wire mesh, fencing netting, expanded metal mesh,window screen,galvanzied square wire mesh, fiberglass mesh ,grating mesh,barbed wire,razor barbed wire,galvanized wire,black annealed wire,bailing wire,cut wire etc. Our products are widely used in industry, agriculture, cultivation, construction, transport and mining. By now we have already established business relations with 45 customers from Southeast Asia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and quadruple the sales amount and customers annually.


    Team spirit
    Must make the team most to love
    does not make the team the debt
    The 21st century is the age which a team sends wins
    A our person, a person compares with others
    Possibly is weaker than others, with in together compared to others !


    There are 5 branch companies take 19000 square meters, 165 skilled employees and 10000 Tons capacity monthly to handle different volume orders.



    Quality first, strive after excellence, to provide our customers with superior products and satisfactory service, to improve our quality management system continuously.

    Quality means life for Sanxing, improving quality continuously is our perpetual pursuing.

    Superior product is embodied in our products make a sharp contrast with the similar products from other resource and our share of market. Providing customer with best service is our ultimate purpose of all the work, that is, to make the customers achieve the greatest satisfaction.



    Telphone:0086-10-56251113?0086-10-56251133   Fax: 0086-10-65700017   Mobile:0086-13241103258
    E-mail: sales6@sx-wiremesh.com sales7@sx-wiremesh.com sanxing@sx-wiremesh.com  tony@sx-wiremesh.com sales7@wire-mesh.asia sales4@sx-wiremesh.com


    Telphone: 0086-0318-5289812   Fax: 0086-0318-7539896   Mobile: 0086-13831838386   contact: Tian Xiwang
    E-mail: Richard@sx-wiremesh.com sales5@sx-wiremesh.com jarry@sx-wiremesh.com sales9@wire-mesh.asia sales3@sx-wiremesh.com sales1@sx-wiremesh.com
    Web Site: http://www.jajajam.com?http://www.wire-mesh.asia

    Please Q me!  2850503711
    SKYPE: limengna333@163.com

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    SKYPE: sanxingsong

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    SKYPE: li.jing229

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    SKYPE: 008615100291537

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    Tel: 0086-10-57724457
    SKYPE: lenaxie0728
    Mail: sales4@sx-wiremesh.com

    Over 20 years of experience covers dozens of product line.

    Anping Sanxing Wire Mesh Factory (HEBEI SAMSUNG METAL WIRE MESH MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD)was established in 1990, which is a professional manufacturer of welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh panel, hexagonal wire mesh, chain link fence ...read more>>

    welded wire mesh
    welded wire mesh panel
    hexagoanal wire mesh
    Chain Link Fence
    galvanized square wire mesh
    window screen
    Expanded metal mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
    Window Screening more products


    Quality first, strive after excellence, to provide our customers with superior products and satisfactory service, to improve our quality management system continuously.

    Quality means life for Sanxing, improving quality continuously is our perpetual pursuing. ....read more>>

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